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Sergio Arau: La Deuda de David
  • Sergio Arau: La Deuda de David


    Material: Giclee Print on Hahnemuhle 310 gsm 100% Cotton Matt FineArt Archival Paper

    Rarity: Unique Work 

    Standard Size: 15 1/2 x 20 in  |  39.26 x 50.8 cm

    Large Size: 30 7/8 x 40" in  |  78.52 x 80.54 cm

    Guaranteed Authenticity: Hand Signed, Includes NFT, Embedded "Digital Signature" NFC Chip, Security Ink, and Certificate of Authenticity

    Series: Somos Luchadores

    Artist Recent Sale Price: $11,400 at Private Sale


    * The Giclee print of this original digital art by the artist is carefully created for you in our studio after the purchase is complete. Please make sure to select Standard or Large size.

    In the Somos Luchadores Collection, Sergio Arau challenges us to see his characters from either the lens of the marginalized or the status quo. He does this by presenting the world as a celestial wrestling stage where, as is the norm in renaissance art and the ring, men and women are reduced to semi-nude archetypes that are perceived as either good or evil. These heroes or foes are rendered in Sergio's unique Art Nacó kitsch style that blends Mexican street culture with renaissance iconography. They are nude, masked, and vulnerable while they perform for us with their contorted bodies. From our ringside comfort, we may question who these people really are, decide if they are heroes or villains, and perhaps even learn something about ourselves.


    The artistic process also challenges norms. It begins with acrylic paint on canvas, wood, paper, or leather which is then photographed and completed on a digital tablet before being printed as a unique work of art on archival paper. With this technique the artist not only bridges the divide between digital and physical art but renders a truly unique world that purposely bares the textures and qualities of each step of the process.

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