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Art NSDRS collaborates with established artists that influence change, challenge preconceived ideas, and define movements.  We believe that the role of the artist, the relationship between representation and significance, and the growing cultural relevance of visual images and experiences globally distributed through digital media, need to be considered by fine artists.

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With many of his works in major public collections like the National Galerie in Berlin, the Bauhaus Museum in Dessau, Centre Pompidou in Paris, Arts Council in London, and the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Polish artist Ryszard Wasko is one of the most influential multidisciplinary artists of the last century. His artistic output involves films, photography, video works, paintings, and drawings.


He was the co-founder of the Workshop of the Film Form, one of the most important artistic groups in Poland in the 70s. Workshop was an avant-garde collective of painters, filmmakers, critics, poets, philosophers, and scientists, working with experimental film and multimedia. In 1990-1992, he worked as artistic director at MoMA PS1 and at the Institute of Contemporary Art in New York. In 1997-1999, he headed the Internationales Künstler Gremium based in Cologne.


Today he continues to push the envelope from his home in Berlin. As Gregory Volk put it in "Meal for the Rich and the Poor," Ryszard Wasko's Selected Works:


"The entire trajectory of Ryszard Wasko's career has comprised a substantial, in many ways risk-taking and innovative, extension and enlargement of the role of the artist. (...) He is, in fact, one of those figures who consistently shakes things up and pushes the borders of the possible, certainly with a sense of mission, but also with humor and verve."

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The Artist Spencer Reinhard, who was chronicled in the Hollywood movie American Animals, is collaborating with Art NSDRS to release his life's work as the American Animals Collection


This Collection is Spencer's first deep investigation of the evolution of his life and complete works. In his birds and abstract paintings, we observe the exploration of subjects like rehabilitation, transformation, and renewal, as well as a critique of the traditional notions of the "American Dream."

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Sergio Arau and Yareli Arizmendi are two of the most iconic and globally recognized multidisciplinary Mexican-American artists in the United States and Mexico. Through their award-winning art, films, theater productions, music, and educational programs, they have established themselves as key figures in raising awareness of social issues that affect the Latino community while asserting the importance and contribution of immigrants in American society. As they put it, they work to make the invisible visible. The first major retrospective of Sergio Arau's work was presented in 2015 at the Museo de las Artes (MUSA) in Guadalajara, Mexico and La Vida Es Un Ring at the MOLAA, Museum of Latin American Art in Los Angeles, California.


In the Somos Luchadores Collection, Sergio Arau challenges us to see his characters from either the lens of the marginalized or the status quo. He does this by presenting the world as a divine wrestling stage where, as is the norm in renaissance art and the ring, men and women are reduced to semi-nude archetypes that are perceived as either good or evil.


These heroes or foes are rendered in Sergio's unique Art Nacó kitsch style that blends Mexican street culture with renaissance iconography. They are nude, masked, and unseen while they perform for us with their contorted bodies. From our ringside comfort, we may question who these people really are, decide if they are heroes or villains, and perhaps even learn something about ourselves.

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Guillermo, Nicolas and Santiago Cardenas

Santiago Cárdenas is one of the leading Latin American artists and his works can be found in major permanent public collections at institutions like The Museum of Modern Art in New York. As one of the protagonists of the modern Illusionism art movement, he is known for his hyper-realist drawings and paintings of everyday objects that dull the line between reality and illusion.


Guillermo and Nicolas Cardenas are established artists that explore how perception changes depending on lived experience and the elements in the space we inhabit. They believe that daily circumstances impact our perception of time and space, creating fragmentation in our reality. This fragmentation, together with the multiple meanings that everyday objects can have, is what they study through their work.


In the Legacy and Artifact Collection, this father and sons trio come together to examine their own history through the co-production of a series of works that explore the subject of socio-cultural legacy, the process of learning, collaborating and making, and the meaning of the artifacts that we leave behind.

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